Entrepreneurs ACT, wanna-be?s HOPE

YOU decide which side of the fence you are on...

Twelve differences between those who dream and those who act:

1-Wanna-be's obsess about ideas. Entrepreneurs obsess about

Don't get stuck in Analysis Paralysis. Look at what the top income
producers are doing and copy them. No need to re-invent the wheel

2-Wanna-be's want more web traffic. Entrepreneurs focus on sales

Use a marketing system that closes the sales FOR you! You do not
want to be a sales person. You also want a system that will do this
for your new members as well, giving you the ability to earn
ridiculous amounts of residual income.

3-Wanna-be's focus on positive thinking. Entrepreneurs plan for
multiple contingencies.

Positive thinking is important but you are not a Jedi, yet. You
cannot move things with your mind or conjure money out of thin air.
Positive thinking will only get you so far. You must have Positive
thinking combined with specific, targeted action.

4-Wanna-be's want to get on TV and get "famous." Entrepreneurs
build their businesses and their list.

Let the ego go. Your only goal is to make as much money as possible
as quickly as possible. This will inspire others to do the same.
CarbonCopyPRO will get you on TV if you are part of the "group of
100" anyways.. for no focus on making money! Lots of it.

5-Wanna-be's seek a perfect plan and wait for the perfect time.
Entrepreneurs execute and take action when they see an opportunity.

Entrepreneurs accept educated risk and are able to make big
decisions quickly once they have all the information. Make a
decision and take some risk. No successful entrepreneur
accomplished any significant by playing it safe!

6-Wanna-be's wait for their lucky break. Entrepreneurs take
responsibility and create their OWN circumstances.

7-Wanna-be's fear looking stupid in front of their friends.
Entrepreneurs willingly risk making fools of themselves, knowing
that long-term success is a good trade for short-term loss of image.

Don't listen to your friends and family-They are BROKE. They have
zero credibility as far as financial decisions are concerned.
Surround yourself with people who have results and do what they do.
This is the only way to fast track your wealth.

8-Wanna-be's shield their precious ideas from harsh reality,
postponing the verdict of success or failure until 'someday.'
Entrepreneurs expose their ideas to cold reality as soon as
reasonably possible.

Don't be afraid to look stupid. That is just ego screwing with you.
One way to know you are on the right track is when you lose
anything in common with all of your brokes friends and family. They
don't count, unless you want their results! PERIOD!

9-Wanna-be's put off practicing basketball until they've got Air
Jordan's. Entrepreneurs practice barefoot behind the garage.

Stop waiting for the perfect time, the perfect opportunity, the
perfect situation. Take decisive action now and stop procrastinating.

10-Wanna-be's believe what they're told. Entrepreneurs do original
research and make their own decisions.

Do you due diligence and follow you gut. It will rarely lead you

11-Wanna-be's believe they can do anything. Entrepreneurs use
systems and technology to solve the variables that most people
struggle with.

12-Wanna-be's think about the world in terms of COULD and SHOULD.
Entrepreneurs think in terms of IS and CAN BE.

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Fraudsters are entrepreneures that can't spell and Fraud squad Officers were Wannabe that wish they had.