Email Subject Lines can Make or Break Your Success

When was the last time you checked your email? If your like many people online, you probably get flooded with email everyday. So what do you do? Again, like many other people online, you scan through the list and start deleting anything that doesn’t appear to be important.

We just can’t keep up with all of the forwards, jokes, and junk mail being passed around the internet. However, as an internet marketer, this creates a major problem in our email marketing efforts. With all of the cluutter that people are receiving these days, what are the chances that they are going to open our email?

Slim to none.

Fortunately, there’s a solution…

One of the best ways to get your emails noticed is to craft a great email subject line.

The subject line is one of the very first things that your subscribers will see. If you don’t make a good first impression, you will be sent directly to the trash bin. Therefore, it is crucial to spend some time preparing this vital part of the email.

Here are a few guidelines to follow when writing your subject line:

Keep it Simple:

Keep your email subject lines short and simple. Make sure that there are fewer than 10 words. Around 5 or 6 seems to be the sweet spot.

Focus on Your Reader:

Basic psychology has proven that most people are focused on themselves. Write your subject lines with that in mind. You must convey benefits that matter to them. To effectively communicate with your subscribers, you must be completely tuned into their wants and desires.

In order to do this effectively, ask yourself these five questions:

1. What will they learn?
2. How will they benefit from reading your e-mail?
3. Will your product/service save them time or money?
4. Will your message improve their lives in some way?

Stear clear of the word “you”

You’ve probably heard that using the word “you” is one of the most effective strategies in persuasive copy. However, it is a spam predictor in subject lines. Stear clear. Instead, use their individual names within the subject line. This has proven to increase open rates.

Question Marks?

Question marks have been very effective in subject lines. If it makes sense for your particular message, go ahead and use them. Questions are much more engaging than statements.

Avoid these Deadly Words and Symbols:

The following words and symbols are automatic turn-offs. You will want to be sure to avoid these words at all cost.
“limited time”, “free”, “opportunity”, “only”, “!!!!” .

Make it Personal:

Email marketing is all about developing a strong relationship with your readers so that they will look forward to each of your emails. Your subject lines should reflect this as well. Be yourself and keep it professional.

Here are some good examples of subject lines to get you started:

1. A personal invitation from (your name)

2. (name), you’re going to love this one…

3. (name): private invitation from (your name)

4. (name), I need your help….

5. , just wanted to let you know…

6. (name), here’s one of the secrets I promised you…

7. (name), do you have a question about (particular industry)?

Take time to craft each of your subject lines. They can make the difference between a sale and the loss of a customer.

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