101 Reasons To Blog

Having read 1000’s of blogs for leisure, for pleasure, to provoke thought, to learn as well as for research, it was not hard to come up with only 101. Here they are:

1. To make friends with like minded people.
2. To develop contact with those different to yourself, those you would not normally have chance to meet.
3. To interact with people from different cultures, backgrounds and nations.
4. To become part of online communities.
5. To get involved in other activities related to blogging..
6. To broaden horizons and experience of the world.
7. To join friends who are already blogging.
8. To interact with others.
9. To counteract the affects of shyness.
10. To combat loneliness and isolation.
11. To bring variety to life’s monotony.
12. To alleviate boredom.
13. To escape from the real world.
14. To increase your confidence and self esteem.
15. To help you feel more popular.
16. To solve personal problems.
17. To forget your personal problems.
18. To find help and support from others with knowledge and experience.
19. To put your life into perspective.
20. To find answers.
21. To help you think more clearly.
22. To share your knowledge and experience to help others solve problems.
23. To express your opinions on life the universe and everything.
24. To spread knowledge on a particular subject of personal importance.
25. To share views on topics you are passionate about.
26. To talk about things you love.
27. To talk about thinks you dislike.
28. To share experiences that are not so much fun on your own.
29. To talk about the highlights in your life, sharing your joys and triumphs.
30. To ‘get things of your chest’ to relieve stress, frustration or anger.
31. To benefit from feedback from those who comment on your posts.
32. To learn either for leisure reasons.
33. To supplement academic learning.
34. To learn business topics and techniques.
35. To become an expert on a topic.
36. To learn the basics of web publishing, coding and design
37. To keep a journal of what you are learning.
38. To teach.
39. To write just for writing’s sake.
40. To publish your creative writing.
41. To publish poetry.
42. To write short stories.
43. To practice your writing skills.
44. To practice writing in a foreign language.
45. To join in writing projects.
46. To join in memes.
47. To post your favorite photos or images.
48. To share favorite videos.
49. To publish a photo/family journal for keeping distant friends and family up to date.
50. To communicate with friends and family when a busy lifestyle precludes regular real life contact.
51. To retain a valuable record of your life in photos text and video
52. To keep a travel journal - for those who are on holiday or regularly work away from home.
53. To blog about a cause or charity close to your heart.
54. To publish a hobby blog (e.g. photography, craft, fishing, sport).
55. To join in helping to create a more interactive and socially aware world.
56. To make a difference in this world.
57. To join with others so that your individual efforts to make a difference are given much more power.
58. To challenge traditional news media.
59. To learn about people of a different culture, background, or mind set, helping to increase understanding, reduce intolerance and prejudice in our world.
60. To develop business contacts.
61. To give more visibility to a business website.
62. To substitute for a static business site.
63. To supplement a business website with up to date news on products or services.
64. To develop a rapport with customers and potential customers, increasing their trust and respect in you and what you sell.
65. To create testimonials from the feedback.
66. To show a more human more personal side to your business.
67. To establish yourself as an expert in your field.
68. To elicit feedback from customers to help you improve your product, service or customer service.
69. To use as a valuable business PR tool.
70. To counteract any bad PR.
71. To bring more traffic to a business website by having search engines visit more regularly.
72. To communicate with others in your company.
73. To gain backlinks that would not be forthcoming to a business site.
74. To show off portfolios.
75. To boost sales for those selling products online
76. To make money online by joining in advertising schemes such as adsense.
77. To supplement income by selling products you make as a hobby- e.g. paintings, craft work.
78. To create a part time or full time business selling products or services.
79. To try and reach the whole world with your words.
80. To talk to only a select few.
81. To write for those you already know.
82. To write to meet new people.
83. To share your thoughts.
84. To share experiences.
85. To stretch your mind.
86. To exercise your creative mind.
87. To have fun and enjoy a whole new world.
88. To give something new a go.
89. Because it exercises your mind.
90. Because the online world is here to stay.
91. Because big city life is lonely.
92. Because we interact with our neighbors.
93. Because it is wet outside.
94. Because it is too hot outside.
95. Because there is nothing on the telly.
96. Because Blogpulse identified over 67 million blogs and indexed 755,827 posts yesterday.
97. Because many more than this read them.
98. Because it is easy.
99. Because you can.
100. To write 101 lists.
101. Your turn - what have I missed?

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