Most Powerful Linking Tactics

Article Exchanges:

Instead of trying to beg for reciprocal links, why not do an article
exchange. Simply write a great article, find some related web sites,
and ask them if they would like to exchange articles. Whenever you
email a webmaster, outline the benefits that each of you will receive
for exhchanging articles.

When you have your article placed on another web site it is much more
powerful than being buried among hundreds of other links.

Exchange RSS Feeds:

RSS feeds are a great candidate for a content swap. Simply look for
related sites in your niche and offer to exchange RSS feeds.

By running your RSS feed on their site, they receive quality content
for their visitors. In return, you get about 5 links coming back to
the full articles on your blog.

This technique is one that is extremely underused and I urge you to
take advantage of this prime opportunity.

Submit Press Releases:

If your business has something to announce, you need to create a
news-worthy press-release and syndicate it to the large network of
press release sites online.

This technique can bring you hundreds of one-way links pointing back
to your site. If you’re lucky, you could even get picked up by the
media and get some massive exposure.

Either way, this is a powerful technique that you should immediately
start implementing.

Syndicate Your Audio and Video:

With the release of Google Video, YouTube, and OurMedia, it is obvious that
online video and audio is on the rise.

Best of all, this marketing opportunity is largely untapped. You
can start today creating your very own podcast and online videos.

Then, once you are finished, you can upload these files to the
hundreds of online directories that are popping up each day that
accept podcast and video listings.

In return, you are branding your business and sending targeted
traffic to your web site.

There are many more powerful linking strategies that I would like to share with you.

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