WidgetBucks Eclipses One Billion Impressions

Thanks to all of the fantastic, hard-working publishers, WidgetBucks has officially surpassed one billion ad impressions, less than three months after inception. After hitting the mark on Dec. 23, the network has continued to see record impression days heading into the new year. But we're not stopping at zero to a billion in 83 days. We've got a number of announcements coming this quarter so stay tuned.

Before we make any other news though, on Thursday several members of the WidgetBucks team, including Mpire CEO and president Matt Hulett and CTO Greg Harrison, are headed to San Francisco to accept People's Choice honors for Mashable's Open Web Awards (applications and widgets category). Winners were announced on Mashable just before the holiday break and now we'll be joining Google, MySpace, Facebook, Yahoo!/Flickr, Digg and others in accepting our respective category awards. Check out Mashable's OWA page to catch UStream's live webcast of the event, which runs 7 - 10 PT on Thursday, Jan. 10. Thanks again for all of you who voted for WidgetBucks! Be looking for a post from San Francisco later this week.

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