Make Money Online Questions & Answers

A Friend wrote me a Question, a few days ago that I did
not reply to and think I will reply to it here, I receive this
question often.

Do you have any recommendations to make money online?
I trust your judgement.

In ALL Honesty, I cannot answer these types of questions Because what I do and you do are not going to be the same results....

To be Successful, it must be a Passion of your field YOU
love, a hobby turned into Madness!

I could be a Greedy Bonehead and Say, Join this and this and
this program and BLAME You because you didn't Apply
yourself..... to BE Successful 6 months down the road when you
ask me why it isn't the Egotistics do!

That isn't my Style!

Many people make extra income through affiliate programs like
ClickBank and Commission Junction and Amazon.

Domain info blogs people are making 25 to 50 cents a day on, per
blog, when the domain cost them a couple bucks.

I Cannot and actually have NO right to tell a person to do this or
that to make money, making people THINK for themselves is
where the Actual money is!

So many want to make you the end of the day you
are left with depression and an empty bank account.

If you do not know what you want to do, just do like I did for
years and build downlines and Superb friends!

If you are into Gardening, build the most MASSIVE gardening
site around and have people to sign up for your mailing list!

Nascar site, Xbox site, computing, baby care, JUST DO IT
and do it with PASSION!

Mailing lists are AWESOME with Niche sites (one topic sites)

Now the NEW Puddy Robert thing is Un-targetted people for
Mailing Lists will make you RICH!
Several Traffic Owners are Losing their "Credibility" over this
guy, and money out of their pocket into Puddy's!
Puddy preaches people are meat.... If you can't make money
off them, they are no good for you!

I feel another Spineless threat of another lawsuit from Puddy,
what a Greedy, Money Hungry Wimp!

So people, watch who you pick for your Mentors, it can Bite
you BIG!

You Follow, you get what they drop behind their tail!

Creating YOUR OWN passion, is the ONLY way to Success!

Until then, build your downlines, for FREE advertising later on!
Maybe join a few low or no-cost programs along the way that you
think you believe in. Let your mind take it's course!

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