3 Things Internet Marketers Can Learn From Heroes

I just recently discovered the hit science-fiction TV series, Heroes, and must say that I am already hooked. If you haven’t heard of the show before, the story is based around a set of characters who develop unique and special powers that they use for a greater good. Some of the abilities I’ve seen include flying, instant healing, warping time and space, predicting the future, and reading minds. Pretty cool powers if you ask me. As Internet marketers, I think we can learn a lot from Heroes. We might not be able to time travel or see through walls, but we can use our own powers and skills to become Internet marketing super heroes. Here are some lessons that can be learned.

Develop your super powers
In the Heroes TV series, all of the characters slowly discover their powers and learn to develop them over time. They may not be able to control what they do in the beginnig but by the end of the season they are full fledged heroes who have influential abilities. In the same way, beginning Internet marketers and website publishers must find a niche that they can dominate. There may be confusion in the beginning as they learn the ropes and discover strengths, but over time they will develop skills and powers that will make them some of the best experts in the field. For example, don’t just be a generic Internet marketer. Focus on a niche that has a strong demand, is underserved, and is something you can be the best at. Some possibilities include social media, link building, and online reputation management. Are you focusing on skills within a specific niche? What is your super power and how are you developing it?

Connect with others and save the world
All of the Heroes episodes feature multiples characters with unique abilities. In order to save the world and reach a common goal, it is essential that they come together from all around the world to join forces. Only by combining different powers and acting as one cohesive unit are the heroes able to defeat the enemies. Similarly, Internet marketers cannot succeed on their own. Since everyone is unique and has different perspectives and skill sets, having partners and friends in online business are extremely beneficial. For example, last month Shoemoney and John Chow had a friendly competition to see who could get more RSS subscriptions in a month. In essence, both leveraged the audience and popularity of the other and both won out in the end. Forces unite!

With great power comes great responsibility
Ok, so maybe this one comes from Spiderman, but I think it is still very relevant here. When the characters in Heroes realize that they are gifted with special powers, they all have a sense of responsibility and urgency to act. They don’t sit around waiting and let their powers go to waste. Instead, they actively work to use their abilities for the greater good of mankind. Prominent Internet marketers have this same responsibility and yet some of them fail to realize the impact and influence that they have on others. Why do you think SEO has such a shady reputation to the outside world? Every action that Internet marketers take has a reaction. It’s not always about the money and ethics and reputation are big responsibilities that cannot be ignored.

If you watch Heroes, you can see that it presents many parallels to Internet marketing. Develop your powers, connect with others, and work responsibly. You’ll find yourself being an Internet marketing hero in no time.

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