Another Gaming Site Attempts To Game SocialNetworking Site

Subvert and Profit runs an ever-expanding black market for votes on social media sites. They are simultaneously the easiest way to make money online and the cheapest form of advertising in the web 2.0 sphere. They are very good at what they do.

This is there site here
Social media users Get paid just for clicking buttons on sites like Digg and StumbleUpon.

1. Sign up and refer your friends.
2. Verify your Digg and StumbleUpon accounts.
3. Subscribe to the blog and stay updated.
4. Vote for stories.
5. Make $1.00 per list of votes.

They offer two highly lucrative referral programs. You can earn 10% of the earnings of any friends you refer who works for them, and 10% of the cost of advertisements from any advertisers you refer.

Some users make more in referral earnings than they do voting for stories with them!

So basically in a nutshell advertisers pay them $2.00 They send you a email
Then they pay you a $1.00 to digg a post on will provide the advertiser to have his site dugg thousands of times and produces traffic to the website.

This is there site here

Recently a friend requested to post a story on this blog. As per he said; I am wondering whether sites which are already massive need to game digg to get more visitors?

CheatCC is one of the most famous cheat site which gets a huge amount of visitors. Despite the fact that cheats are not copyrightable and are public property CheatCC still likes to sue competitors and claim damages from them. CheatCC is also famous for stealing content from gamefaqs and publishing FAQS from original authors, but their recent move has made my eyes open. Few days ago I received an email from CheatCC asking for a help to game digg, their first email states

“As some may already know CheatCC is looking for a few good people to aid them with However, this will not be the only advantage to signifying that you are interested. Of course, winning the prizes will be great, but you will also be signed up for a newsltter that will start in a few weeks, information about tournaments and other special events first. Also one lucky person at random, each month will be chosen to win an exclusive prize.”

and in their second email they disclose how exactly they plan to game digg.

“As ar as the goes I’ll need you to create a digg account which is free. then email me you preferred email addres and Digg id. Everyday after that I’ll be send out an email to ask you to digg some of CheatCC articles, podcast, and other CHeatCC related stuff. In addition to the digg you’ll also begin receiving our weekly newsletter which is about to begin and be notified of other important goingson of CheatCC. And then of course the prizes, which will be revealed on the main site shortly. Thanks for showing support and let me know if you are still on board.”

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